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Who can use our services?

Our services are mostly available only for NIIF/HUNGARNET member institutions. We only allocate Global Dialing Scheme (GDS) virtual prefixes to Hungarian organizations (for peering).

In case you are not one of our members, or not working in one of our member institutions you can still use some of our services. We provide the following IP based videoconferencing services to any higher-education, research and public collections organizations even outside of Hungary:

  • Free gatekeeper service (see this page) to temporarily join to Global Dialing Scheme (GDS)
  • Multipoint (MCU) service for European research projects (please send us your request to video-admin [at] niif [dot] hu) and access to our web based booking system
  • PSTN dial-in service to videoconferences (see this page)
  • Recording and streaming of MCU videoconferences
  • Technical assistance to use the aboves

These services are free of charge. For further information, feel free to contact us at video-admin [at] niif [dot] hu.

Remember, your aims of use must be conformant to our Acceptable Use Policy. Thank you.