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Kollaborációs Portál
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Join conditions

Our services are available for NIIF/HUNGARNET member institutions. The NIIF basis of the contract for technical support to the institution, and provides the necessary services VoIP gateway.

The endpoint device in member institutions specified data transfer rate can communicate of NIIF center, and the PBX connected NIIF ISDN endpoint device.

Using the service process

The members institution inquire telephone, email or personal request. Next step is to examine the technical conditions for connection to VoIP existence.
The information provided by the institution's help, we can propose ways to connect to our network, and the institution of any necessary investments in PBX.

After the consultation takes place to the service contract is signed.

After signing the contract, up a voip gateway and develop a gateway between the PBX and the ISDN connection. In parallel perform the gateway and the central call control configuration, as well as perform a public service partner directions to make a call to set permissions.

Then, perform a detailed technical testing  (call tests, quality and network parameters, etc.), the result of which will be sent to the institution.